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    Why you should think about the music business as an artist


    If you wanted to release your own songs as a band, for a long time there was only the way through music labels with a record contract. Today, thanks to the Internet, numerous new opportunities are open, at least especially when it comes to publications. You no longer need a record contract for online sales, but the large online stores are also fully tailored to the music industry. Yet. It is foreseeable that the music market as we know it until now will change fundamentally in the next few years. And numerous new opportunities will arise to publish music profitably; however, these offers are currently largely missing or unknown.


    And even if you decide to go one or the other commercial way: music, like many other art forms, usually remains a rather loaf of business for the artist himself. It is possible to make a living from it. But the dream of becoming rich is only fulfilled for very few, and usually only with a compromise in creativity and personal scope.


    Either way, it is advisable to get a picture and think about whether you want to participate in the classical music circus. Because nowadays there is not much left for the artists: neither much money and fame, nor much freedom. Of course, the way to the stages of the world wasn't just paved before. But for a long time there was good dynamism and lively competition in the music business; not everything was already predefined. This enabled the artists and the labels alike to contribute their ideas. This has been pretty much over since the turn of the millennium. There are still ideas, but they mostly show up at independent labels, not in the mainstream. The gap between the big and the small labels has grown steadily.


    -> Major labels will no longer exist in their current form in the near future. If you are interested in the publication of your own songs, you should first consider whether you want to load your valuable cargo onto a sinking ship. Especially since this decision can only be made once under certain circumstances.


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